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SP&F Agrobusiness Sousa Prado & Filhos, Agropecuária Lda

A trustworthy partner dedicated to advancing innovation and sustainable practices in agriculture, strategically situated along Portugal's Atlantic coastline

Who are We?

Sousa Prado & Filhos, Agropecuária Lda is an expanding family-owned enterprise within the agricultural sector, strategically situated along the southern Atlantic coast of Portugal in the province of Odemira.

The region's temperate climate, fertile sandy soil, and year-round access to water resources provide exceptional conditions for the cultivation of plants and livestock. Our organization is comprised of a diverse, international team with a primary focus on export markets.

As a trusted partner, we are committed to fostering innovation, promoting sustainability, and upholding ethical practices in our business operations.

Miguel Goden de Sousa Prado

Managing Director / Electrical Engineer

Angelo Goden de Sousa Prado

Managing Director / Veterinary Doctor

“Our values rely on quality of our products and services, trust on us as partner, investing on our people innovating on sustainable agriculture”

Miguel and Angelo Prado – Managing Directors SPF

Our Products and Services

Ornamental Plants

Baby Blue, Cinerea, Parvifolia and Pitósporo

Agricultural Products

Corn, Peas, Ryegrass and Triticale

Land Rental

Drained land with irrigation available all year around

Livestock Production

Animal production for consumption

Our Certifications

GAP Logo

Sousa Prado & Filhos, Agropecuária Lda is a GlobalG.A.P. certificated peas producer, which guarantes a safe and sustainable agricultural production.

This includes:
– Food safety and traceability
– Environment (including biodiversity)
– Workers health, safety and welfare
– Integrated Crop Management and Integrated Pest Control

MPS Logo

Following our ornamental plants business, we hold as well the MPS-ABC environmental certification that aims to guarantee the quality and sustainability of our company and follow the standards demanded by the floricultural market.

Our Mission

Our mission advocates for innovative and sustainable agricultural practices, targeting high-quality products with lower costs and minimal environmental impact.

We actively pursue strategic partnerships across diverse sectors—such as robotics, biology, agronomy, and renewable energy—bridging traditionally disconnected fields.

Presently, we collaborate with the cE3c group from Lisbon's Faculty of Sciences in biology and are open to further alliances with universities and research institutions.

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